Inspired by the Rietveld chair I´ve been making a week before, I saw potential in an old drain tube somebody left at our university. As the Red & Blue Chair was built out of one piece of wood, why should´t it work out for the old tube.

Before I got started with the Big tube I´ll made a little mockup the see how many parts I´ll need to create something  that could serve as a seat. Because of the limited size of the tube I finally  ended up with eleven pieces, just enough to make it work.


tubechair_bodenbockup Tubechair_CleaningTubechair_dreiviertelI made assembly convenient with the goal that everyone is able to build the same or at least a similar one.
I drilled holes in the tube and fixed them together with zip ties, which could be reopened and reused, if the seat won´t be needed anymore. Beside the fact that the ability to sit is definitely given, and the backrest has a nice flex, the comfort still could be improved by adding some smaller tubes to the seating surface.Tubechair_ralphdreiviertelTubechair_ralphfront