tee time.


Our deadline, the surf & skate festival, was inevitably coming closer.  We thought it might be nice to create our own shirts for the Festival but underestimated the workload, slightly. A common known designers’ disease, it´s too much of a hustle to organise and pay someone to do it and you’re afraid they can’t keep up to your expactations, so why bother, do it yourself. After a weeks planning phase and having finally found 100% organic shirts we all liked, we started screenprinting.

Regardless of all the extra work screenprinting makes, we think it’s worth it, the results are really lush. Once everthing gets going it’s a great feeling creating your own shirts with nothing more than some colour, wiper and a piece of silky cloth with a lot of holes in it. Outcome were two different drafts. One shirt with a photo of Munichs small surfable riverwave. The second one with varying colour gradients, simple but beautiful.

See for yourself.










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