TED conference

This week, the first official TED Conference of Germany took place in Berlin. Me and our fellow student Patrick managed to get a student ticket, so we could enjoy the very inspirational speeches.


As the approach of TED is to mix very different topics to get an overall view, so were the speeches. A photographer who experiments with new ways of taking pictures, a social securer who has a very direct impact on peoples live or an old scientest who destroys your pessimistic view on the world. It was a great variety and definitely worth to attend, if you can catch a ticket for the next TED, get it!

The first talk is already online:

Simon Anholt on the “good country”


Here are some links to speakers:


Good country index

(one of my favorites)

Adam Magyar Photography

(check out “stainless”, made by shooting a line of pixels in highspeed and arrange them to a picture)

a crazy intelligent single cell organism

“New Power”

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