Today I met with Leo, my friend from school, who asked me to give thought to a corporate design for his father, a bavarian based japanese bladesmith.   I explained my process and how my progress came to be. We evaluated the concepts and argumentation and could already rule out some directions in favor of detailing others. 2

Amongst the updates i presented, i want to highlight one particular concept i applied, test-wise, to the certificates that are given out with each knife. Coming from the polarity of a premium tool, that is manufactured in small quantities and with utmost focus on precision and quality, there still is a single individual behind the whole process – i wanted to make this contrast between technical sterility and emotional, human warmth visible in one concept.


The approach would be to use warm, organic material and processes like recycled and roughly textured paper or even wood as well as the printing technique of woodcut that perfectly resembles the damascus steel pattern and contrast it with precisely silk screened typography and product outlines.   While being rather balanced (too balanced in my opinion) this concept conveys a lot of the qualities i want to achieve in my final result: ease and transparency of production, sustainable materiality, a handmade approach and a symbiotic contrast of the visual, emotional and inherent concepts of the brand and the person behind it.   3   4