shoe sketch

Shoes are awesome! A new pair of nice shoes can light up your mood and is a nice little pleasure. Let`s suppose you would have pair of fabric summer shoes, they will last 2, maybe 3 Years. That`s just enough and you will hopefully have great memories for them but after that they`re good to go. How nice would it be, that your shoe is actually designed for that? Even while you wear it, the material of your sole will rub off into the environment and all other plastic material will have a way longer life in landfills, the sea or will be burnt. That Design can`t keep up with the joy you have with your shoe.
So what could the sole be made of? Is it a mixture of cork and another organic material? Is it a mushroom grown in a form and mixed and treated?

I made first sketches to do some concepts about this topic.10s_Beitrag1 10s_Beitrag2