reuse rietveld

During my internship in the Netherlands I got fascinated by one of the most famous chairs in history: the Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld. But at the same time I also got frustrated and angry about all the Ikea furniture which people throw away on the street day by day.
So I thought about finding a visual connection between a well thought product and the obvious waste problem of our society and ended up with the Reuse Rietveld Chair.

Hoping that much of his furniture would be mass produced rather than hand crafted , Rietveld aimed for simplicity in production. He made a geometrical design which could be manufactured from one piece of wood.

Rietveld_plattenRietveld_Federl Rietveld_ProfileRietveld_messen Rietveld_schraubzwingen Rietveld_sideview