preparing is caring


So now that we had our structures sorted out it was time to develop the fabrication process in detail. As said, we were fed up of manufacturing every single ring by hand. So we thought the next obvious step would be to try out cnc milling the decks to speed things up. For those that don´t know, the none skater fraction, there are various sizes of boards due to shoe size, or preference of ride. So that makes the whole thing a bit more tricky for us to mill, sizes vary and we don´t want to write a new CAD-file for every board, every time. We gave the whole thing a good thought and found a solution, deviding the boards in a particular way which enables us to use one and the same file despite of the size.

But then first things first. To be able to make juwelry out of the old decks we first needed to get rid of the old, sticky griptape from the skateboard. Oh yes, it’s as much fun as it looks, but with a hotgun, strenght and a lot of patience it worked out in the end.

Griptapeabziehen Boardzuschnitt_Sletch

On the first view  it just seemed like a simple shape, but when we had put some time into detail, we realised that a small nuance different in the form could make a big change in the whole characteristics of the product. So we printed a quantity of slightly different shapes and evaluated carefully which one we want to produce in mass.


It´s all about the right configuratin in the 3d programm to get the most out of a board.