a keynote from muck petzet

This week architect Muck Petzet came to our university to talk about his work and his approach when he starts a project. It was very interesting to hear, that he as an architect wants buildings to stay and reuse them instead of building a new one. It takes a huge amount of energy to build it and destroys the “grey energy” which is in the old house. We had a little discussion about whether that solves the problem or building smarter ones is better. I guess there is no clear yes or no to that question, still we are a bit skeptical about that approach. Should it be “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” or should we just cut “reduce” and design it in a way that makes a benefit every time you use it???

Definitely worth listening and very interesting to see how many similarities there are between design and architecture.


Thanks to the workshop team. They need more people, so join them to bring awesome people to our university!

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