design mantra.

After all that physical work of the past weeks I was ready to use my braincells again. Maybe the one or other feels the same way but sometimes I feel like a goldfish. Forgetting I learnt something a minute later.  After hearing, seeing, learning quite a bunch of stuff during my past studying terms I feel like tidying up. Revising “important” things and values from the past and dispensing the “unimportant” stuff. But still I sometimes forget what’s important to me, especially when I´m in the middle of a busy project. So I liked the thought of having a small booklett I carry with me, with all my “important” design related values. Beeing able to use it as inspiration and checklist during projects as reminder.

Devided into two categories:

things, especially quotes that inspire me from great people, famous or not. The second category is based upon the internet platform with short, catchy phrases like “think simpler” or ” ask the wright questions”. Could help when you’re stuck once a while, let’s see. Knowing that my values will change throughout time, there is enough space to add comments, rip out or add a new page.

why do I call it mantra? Yeah, guess the easiest answer is I liked the sound of it and besides that I want to repeat it over and over again to incorporate my values.