maintenance, peace of cake.

My Eos 40d has gone on quite a few trips with me. On my last one I guess the camera did’t like the humidity and salty water.
When trying to shoot a picture my shutter button does’t work anymore.

I read through a few nerdy blogs, that told me I have to completely dismantle my camera, in order to clean 3 tiny lamellas. Canon did one hell of a job to make sure that most people will never even think about repairing it. I have never seen the inside of a DSLR either, which made me curious, worried and sweaty at the same time. Sure taking off all parts isn’t the thing, it’s assembling all bits and bobs again.

Curiosity won.

With a bit of luck and a lot of youtube I gladly managed with only two screws left over. Wonder if they’re important. But hey, camera is as good as new, works perfectly fine again!

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