isar chair

Making chairs and furniture out of old pallets isn´t a new thing, not at all, but still it fascinates me how easy it is to create such a practical and  worth keeping furniture out of waste.
I´m totally sure there are a lot of those versions out there somewhere. In this case it isn´t about the design, which is inspired by a very old african chair principal, it is more about the maker attitude, the initiative and action which led me totally build this piece of furniture in a small amount of time.
As it is so easy, I´m just wondered why I don´t see more of those or similar chairs behind our design university, where we are triggered to design everything, but actually not our own environment in in a way.

In this case I just want to inspire people to not just focus on studying, but keeping their daily life in mind and to create, design and built their own environment when ever they can.

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