This morning Fluffy put this cut-off piece of a copperpipe on my desk. The association with my current knifeproject he must have had when he saw it in the trash was clear to me immediately – finding a way to produce an ergonomic knife handle with as few processing steps as possible without ending up with a squarish piece of wood was my main concern during ideation on the topic.


The cutting of the pipe, or, to be precise, the resulting squashing of the material created a pillow-like volume with an seemingly ergonomic curvature – a handle. And all that with just one piece of material that’s vastly available, cheap and requires only one processing method in production.

These elegant opportunities that arise from the the distinct properties of materials and production processes fascinate me every time -  functioning within a concept they create honest, transparent design solutions and make the product more understandable. Form follows function (i know, that’s kind of banal) – but in a much more holistic understanding of how the final design came to be.


Manifold opportunities arise. I’ll have to get some more pipes and metal sections next week.  3