gold pellets

In my opinion designers should feel more responsible for the decisions they make. So one of the most important decision is what kind of material I want to use for my particular design. As the dutch designer Piet Hein Eek says, waste should be treated as gold – so, consequently the energy, time and labour to transform it seem as if they were almost for free.
One of the largest sources of wood I see day by day are definitely old wooden pallets,  which I want to transform into long living furniture.
I found a company near my university which accumulates a lot of old pallets with friendly staff, telling me I could use as much as i can carry.  A friendly caretaker helped Max and me to transport the pallets with his car: one happens to meet nice people from time to time.

goldpallets_maxhochkantgoldpallets_raphihochkant Goldpellets_max_autoGoldpellets_palett_disassembly Goldpellets_palett_sammlung