food. friends. field.

This weeks project has been on my mind pretty much since the first term. I enjoy cooking and when it’s summer, being inside stuffy kitchens isn’t as nice as being outside in the park with friends.

People who know me, know how long I´ve been talking about this project but never managed. Time has finally come. So that the whole thing makes sense, at least a bit, I must tell you that I’m a proud owner of a cargobike. It will serve me as transportation vehicle for my outdoor cooking device.


I don’t want to cook 10 course menus outside, nor would I be able to do so. But creating simple, delicious meals for me and my friends in nice atmosphere would be a start.

Space and weight are obviously restricted which makes the whole endeavor tricky and interesting in first place.
This week is prototype time, just to check out basic dimensions with a quick and dirty mockup. Guess the thing will change serveral times before it’ll work. Next step build a function prototype and go for a cooking session outside.