feast of the kings/bachelors

No, I’m afraid we didn’t manage to do the bachelor in one week. Although our friends, colleagues and room neighbors did. But it obviously took them the whole term.

After three months of take away and canned raviolis we thought they might appreciate a change on the menu. So Max, Laura and myself decided to make two kinds of fresh pasta and gnoccis celebrating their hard work in form of a big feast.

At the time we communicated our endeavor to our friends I’m not sure we were aware what was lying ahead of us. Cooking a fresh three course menu for 20 hungry students was easier said than done. Now we know, it was “Pasta en masse”.


After nearly 6 hours of cooking we had:

almost 400 handmade ravioli, 2kg of fresh gnoccis with fresh made pomdoro and even more pasta.

We ended up with exhausted cooks, happy faces and a big mess in the kitchen.


Great day! Congratulations once again to you all you guys!

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