for some trash, for others gold

Every ordinary person would probably ignore it and for most fans of board sport it gets utterly useless at some point. I´m talking about old, shabby, broken skateboards nobody wants anymore. There are a lot of them lying arround in dark corners, basements or garages.

But three young guys,  saw potential in the colorful wood layers. Yeah, you guess right, that’s us. In sudden need of a birthday present the skatering was born. What started off as a unique single piece of jewelry quickly merged into a small business. Estice, suddenly producing a small quantity of these rings for a local shop.

Beyond our expectations demand rose rapidly which leads us to today. We have 6 weeks time, until the Munich “surf & skate festival”, to produce a whole bunch of new rings and necklaces. But making them all by hand is a sh*tload of work and takes ages. Due to the  new product category “skateboard rings”
there is no existant manufactoring process, so that’s what we desperate want to develop. Giving us the opportunity to approach it with the mindset of a designer, analysing/understanding the process, structuring and optimising it.


making plan

So what we developed in pretty short time, is a guideline regarding material, production line, assembly and packaging (which we’ve developed last year). Together with a colourcode that indicates the status of individual fabrication steps. Enabling us to control every step of the process.
Well ok, so that’s the theory at least…