diversion/rant #3

Nowadays, motorcycledesign, in my opinion, has lost one of it’s unique features – as in pretty much every design made in the transportation world,  the symbiosis of form and function (aka design) is no longer perceivable in any way. We wrap platformbased frameworks with a myriad of injectionmolded plastics and delicately formed sheetmetal.


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The exterior design process needs designers, alias- and clay-modellers, CAD, engineers to make it feasible, milliondollarexpensive tools, etc. And in the end, it’s just a piece of thin steel with the sole purpose of not showing the economically perfected frameworks beneath it, making the whole model of selling stuff to people that get’s them from A to B financially sustainable for the manufacturer. The amount of human and material resources that is used in this process makes me borderline mad on how all this potential is wasted just to make something look “kinda new” and differentiate that product from competition – although it’s essentially the same methods, processes and materials used – just the shape is different. I believe this hinders technological and cultural progress on a scale that makes me wonder how these companies could realistically be operating, or existing in 10 years time.

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Anyway – motorcycle design, especially performanceoriented bikes, still fascinate me on how the construction, materials and architecture only serve the necessary purposes of ultimately forming a bike in the end – and not to form an idea of image and attitude by seducing people with pretty shapes  - and consequently end up as hollow artifacts without any cultural or technological significance.


Never fully render a design without designing it in the first place. (It’s a hell lotta’ fun, though)