3D printing

Our workshop teacher Tommy isn’t just a cool guy but also pretty crack when it comes to 3D-printing. So when he’s not occupied helping numerous students making their models in the workshop he developes various crazy machines. As for instance this cool little prototyping device.

I was fortunate enough to be able to test it. In the meantime it is actually being sold in the shops as the perfect D.I.Y printer for your home.

It’s ideal for the hobby model maker,  small and compact ideal to fit on the desk or a shelf. Despite the printers small dimensions it’s  a  high-performance tool which prints like his big brothers.

Another good news for everybody thinking about getting one, is it’s unbeatable price. With only 700€ it’s the cheapest printer on the market.

Never the less it needs quite a bit of practice using it until you get the perfect results. But for every hobby- technician it needs a bit of effort and patience and you´ll be happy having bought it.